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Safety belts are used on equipment, airplanes and other aircraft, or belts used for safety during high-altitude operations and performances. The main raw materials are polyester, polypropylene and nylon. Seat belts are not just webbing, except for webbing, seat belts and other parts. The ideal seat belt action process is: First, tighten in time, and do not hesitate to "press" the person in the seat at the moment of the accident. Then, relax moderately, and relax the seat belt when the impact peak has passed, or when the person has been protected by the airbag.

According to the different types of operation and wear, harness belt can be divided into full body harness and half body harness:

1. Full Body Harness, which is a seat belt wrapped around the body, equipped with multiple suspension points on the waist, chest and back. It can generally be disassembled into a half body harness and a chest harness. The application of the full body harness is to enable rescuers to work in a “head down” manner without having to consider seat belt slippage. For example, in deep well rescues, rescue workers are required to “head down” and get close to the trapped people.

2, Half Body Harness, that is, the seat belt only wraps around the body (usually the lower body, but like a chest harness for the protection of the upper body). Its range of use is narrower than that of a full body harness and is generally used for "sit overhang".

The parameters of the seat belt are working tension (WS) and blasting force (BS). The above parameters are also different according to different standards and manufacturers.

The personal fall protection system is a complete set of products necessary to connect workers to fixed points to prevent a fall from a height or to completely prevent this from happening. The use of these products alone does not provide protection against falling. However, if these components are well combined, they will form a personal fall protection system that is extremely important to the overall fall protection plan. Personal fall protection system products mainly include hanging points, hanging point connectors, intermediate connectors, and full body harnesses.

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